Portuguese seaside villas face demolition

Be warned, if you are thinking of buying Portugal beachfront property, the Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law (no. 54/2005) of 2005, ratified in 2014 requires Portuguese seaside villas within 50 meters of the high tide mark to be investigated, restricted and worse. Owners of waterfront real estate in Portugal whose Portugal seaside properties fall within the 50 meter limit must prove that their land was in private ownership since 1864 (almost impossible to do in Portugal as their Land Registry is a mess), or their holiday homes can be demolished, their ownership deeds converted to 30 years leases, and / or they can be required to pay high additional taxes.

Law 54/2005 has been compared with the Spanish land grab law that has seen hundreds of foreign owned villas bulldozed to the ground, albeit the Spanish action was against villas and other real estate that was built with unlawfully acquired building permits on agricultural or rustic title land, not specifically against Spanish beachfront property / Iberian seaside villas.

Heightened Tsunami Risk for Portuguese Atlantic Oceanfront / Algarve Seafront Villas

In addition to the legal issues of owning beachfront property in Portugal, be aware of the Mega Tsunami risk from La Palma; Tsunami Watch UK. Computer modelling shows that tsunami wave heights of 60 to 70 meters could well hit the Algarve and Southern Portuguese Atlantic regions; watch tsunami video model. The Japanese tsunami was 39 meters at its highest point. The Aceh Boxing Day 2004 tsunami saw wave heights up to 30 meters; the same tsunami hit Phuket with waves of only 3 to 6 meters. BBC La Palma Mega Tsunami (focuses effect on the USA). Scientists also cites tsunami risk to the Algarve from the Mediterranean Fault Line which caused the so called "Lisbon Earthquake and Tsunami in 1755" which destroyed the coastal region of the Algarve.


Buy a waterfront property in Portugal next to a river or lake, far from the coast. Portuguese river / lake waterfront houses can be as close as 30 meters to the waterline under law no. 54/2005; many rivers actually have beaches! These are called praia fluvial / praias fluviais; literally "river beaches". If on a river, make sure your river beachfront property is far enough up the river to avoid being flooded by a tidal surge from an ocean tsunami. Of course, you should also

If you have a legal and tsunami safe river / lake waterfront property for sale, let us know and we will list it here;

Quinta Savel - 6 Bedroom waterfront villa with direct private road / slipway river access opposite a river beach on the River Minho border of Spain and Portugal. The villa is 75 meters from the waterline (grounds are closer), 30 meters above the river level (above flood plain), and approximately 45 Km (28 miles) from the estuary with the Atlantic (beyond the effect of any tsunami);
Published by The European River & Lake Property Association
end Portugal Beachfront Property / Portuguese Seaside Villas 

Warning about Algarve Villas for sale / to rent

What do the Algarve towns Albufeira, Alvor, Burgau, Cabanas, Carvoeiro, Faro, Ferragudo, Lagos, Monte Gordo, Olhao, Portimao, Praia da Rocha, Quarteira, Sagres, Tavira and Vila Real de Santo Antonio all have in common?

Well, if you are looking to buy or rent an Algarve villa on or near the sea / ocean, you may want to make sure the villa is not going to be demolished under the Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law (no. 54/2005) of 2005 (ratified in 201) or the imminent La Palma Mega Tsunami.

For full details, see: Portugal Beachfront Property Warning

Albufeira is a holiday beach villa city and a municipality in the Faro District of the Algarve Region, in southernmost Portugal.

Alvor (Portimão) was founded in 436 by the Carthaginian General Aníbal Barca as a commercial port, which he named Portus Hannibalis.

Burgau is in the oceanside municipality of Vila do Bispo and was a fishing village, now living entirely on tourism.

Cabanas de Tavira ("cottages/huts of Tavira") is a former seaview parish in the municipality of Tavira, now Conceição e Cabanas de Tavira

Carvoeiro (Praia de Carvoeiro) is a waterside town and a former parish in the municipality of Lagoa, now Lagoa e Carvoeiro.

Faro is the southernmost seaside city in Continental Portugal.

Ferragudo is a waterfront parish on the western border just inside the municipality of Lagoa.

Lagos is a waterside municipality at the mouth of Bensafrim River on  the Atlantic Ocean, in the Barlavento region of the Algarve.

Monte Gordo is a beach town within the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António, the southeasternmost area of the Algarve, Portugal and next to Spain.

Olhão (Olhão da Restauração) is a oceanfront municipality and urban community in the Algarve.

Portimão (Vila Nova de Portimão) is a seaside town / cidade and a municipality in the district of Faro.

Praia da Rocha is the beach and villa area on the Atlantic Ocean in the southern section of the concelho of Portimão, Algarve.

Quarteira is a beachfront Portuguese civil parish, in the municipality of Loulé in the Algarve.

Sagres (not the beer) is an Atlantic Ocean facing civil parish in the municipality of Vila do Bispo, in the southern Algarve of Portugal

Tavira is a Portuguese villa city and municipality, situated in the east of the Algarve villa zone on the south Atlantic / Mediterranean coast of Portugal.

Vila Real de Santo António was founded after the 1755 Lisbon earthquake and Algarve tsunami.

Porto Covo Sines Alentejo Setubal Sesimbra Cascais Villas in Danger

From the Alentejo Coast around Porto Covo / Sines, up through to Setubal and Sesimbra to the south of Lisbon, then up to the Cascais coastal area, ocean view villa owners are not happy about the Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law (no. 54/2005) of 2005 (ratified in 2014), and are positively terrified about the prospects of the La Palma Mega Tsunami.

First, seaside villas in Porto Covo, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Sines, Zambuheira do Mar, Odeceix, Praia da Arrifana, Aljezur, Vila Nova de Santo Andre, Lagoa Formosa, Praia da Comporta, Soltroia, Troia Peninsular, Setubal, Sesimbra, Caixas, Lagua De Albufeira, Aroeira, Costa da Caparica, Cascais and San Joao do Estoril too close to the waterline are being targeted for destruction under law 54/2005!

Second, the massive land slip on La Palma is not about if as much as when 500 cubic kilometres of volcano will crash into the Atlantic Ocean, creating the largest tsunami in recorded history.

For full info, please see: Portugal Beachfront Property Warning

Alentejo oceanfront villas would obviously bear the brunt of any tsunami. And, if you think that this is just scaremongering, look up the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake and Tsunami; the Algarve and Alentejo Coastlines were wiped off the map, and that was from a regular tsunami with 6 meter high waves; the La Palma event could easily see waves in excess of 60 (sixty) meters come crashing into Porto Covo, Sines, Alentejo, Setubal, Sesimbra and Cascais areas. Forget tsunami warning applications on your smart phone or tablet, you still would be unlikely to get to high enough ground in time!

What is more, the Mediterranean fault line that created the 1755 earthquake and tsunami still could do the same again; the likely La Palma mega tsunami event is a separate issue. Another similar earthquake initiated 6 meter tidal wave would destroy many Sesimbra / Cascais area beachfront villas; that is, of course, if any are left standing as a result of law 54/2005!

Porto Covo is a parish in Sines municipality, located on the western Alentejo coast of Portugal, 170 km south of Lisbon.

Sines is a coastal municipality in Setúbal district, part of the Alentejo Litoral region of Portugal.

Setúbal is a city in its own right and a municipality in Portugal, but is considered a suburb of Lisbon

Sesimbra is a municipality in the Setúbal District, along the Serra da Arrábida foothills.

Cascais is a coastal town 30 kilometres west of Lisbon. It is a cosmopolitan suburb of the Portuguese capital and one of the richest municipalities in Portugal.

Praia da Luz Villas For Sale and At Risk

Algarve's Praia da Luz villas are popular with expats, but be warned, this Portuguese seaside town has some very big problems right now, and nothing to do with Madeleine McCann (though people may find it hard to forget the crime risk and apparent lack of professionalism by the local GNR).

The first problem for Praia da Luz's seafront villas is the new law, law no. 54/2005, ratified in 2014, which seeks to seize and demolish villas too close to the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

The second issue looming for Praia da Luz's property market is the heightened tsunami risk, actually Mega tsunami risk from a massive impending land slide offshore on La Palma. Historian will recall the whole of the Algarve including Praia da Luz was totally obliterated by a tsunami in 1755, and that tsunami will look like a splash in the Atlantic Ocean with the one that is predicted.

For full details, see: Portugal Beachfront Property Warning

Praia da Luz, or just "Luz", is a beachfront civil parish located about 10 minutes drive from Lagos.

Praia da Luz villas, Algarve Portugal

Carvoeiro Beachfront Algarve Portugal Villas At Risk

Praia de Carvoeiro beachfront villas on the Algarve in Portugal are at serious risk of demolition for non-compliance with law no. 54/2005, and from Mega tsunami risk from the impending La Palma land slide into the Atlantic Ocean.

Recently, Carvoeiro's seaside villas have been targeted for demolition under the Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law, while news that a massive area of La Palma has slipped and is at risk of crashing into the ocean generating the largest tsunami is recorded history has made Carvoeiro villas less desirable than normal. You may well find many Carvoeiro villas for sale right now and you should take extreme caution before signing any contract / parting with any money.

Carvoeiro, (Praia de Carvoeiro), is a town and a former civil parish (now Lagoa e Carvoeiro) in the municipality of Lagoa, Algarve, Portugal.

Portugal Beachfront Property Warning

Carvoeiro villas, Algarve Portugal

Armacão de Pêra Oceanfront Villas Nightmares

Atlantic oceanfront villas in popular Portuguese Algarve resort Armacão de Pêra face demolition or obliteration from two very different threats.

The threat of demolishing Armacão de Pêra seaside villas comes from the Portuguese Government's law 54/2005 (the Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law) where many beachfront villas in Portugal are to be demolished.

The threat of demolishing Armacão de Pêra oceanfront villas comes from the La Palma Mega-Tsunami risk (a case of when, rather than if it will happen); the last tsunami in 1755 demolished Armacão de Pêra, a Mega-tsunami would obliterate Armacão de Pêra.

If you are selling, buying, renting, any Armacão de Pêra villa(s), please read the main page here;

Portugal Beachfront Property Warning

Armação de Pêra is a Portuguese parish rich in oceanview holiday villas in the municipality of Silves on the Atlantic Ocean in the Algarve

Armacão de Pêra villas, Algarve Portugal

Seaside Vilamoura villas face demolition and tsunamis

Seaside villas in Vilamoura may look like idyllic beachfront Portuguese villas, but there are major Mediterranean / Atlantic waterfront property risks of two very different kinds right now.

First comes the Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law ratified in 2014 that seeks to demolish villas built too close to the sea / beach.

Second is the La Palma Mega Tsunami event risk, as a large slab of La Palma for now slowly slips in to the Atlantic but is certain to one crash into the sea initiating the greatest tsunami in recorded history.

If you are thinking of renting a Vilamoura seaside villa, make sure your deposit is protected.

If you are thinking of buying a Vilamoura beachfront villa, make sure you get a certificate from the local camara (council) stating that the villa is not at demolition risk under law no. 54/2005.

If you are staying at a Vilamoura seafront villa, make sure you have a tsunami warning application on your smartphone or tablet and that you know where there is very high ground that you can safely get to before the waves hit.

For full info, please see: Portugal Beachfront Property Warning

Vilamoura is a tourist villa sprawl of an area on the southern Atlantic coast of Portugal, comprising one of the largest single tourist complexes in Western Europe.

Vilamoura villas, Algarve Portugal

Loulé seaside villas in the Algarve at extreme risk!

Loulé seaside villas on the Algarve in Portugal face two extreme threats.

The first threat for these idyllic beachfront holiday homes is demolition under the Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law, where Algarve's seaside villas are threatened with demolition. If you are going to rent one, make sure that your deposit is protected. If you are going to buy a seaside villa in Loulé, make 100% sure that the property is not threatened by law no. 54/2005 (get your lawyer to get a certificate from the local planning office to this effect).

The second risk is from a very, very large tsunami emanating from La Palma; part of the island is slipping off the rest and when (not if) it crashes into the Atlantic, it will produce waves that will make the 1755 Algarve tsunami (when Loulé was destroyed) look like ripples in a villa swimming pool.

For more information, visit our main page: Portugal Beachfront Property Warning

Loulé is a tourist area city and a municipality in the Faro District of the Algarve in Portugal.

Loulé villas, Algarve Portugal

Vale do Lobo villas tsunami & demolition risks

Vale do Lobo seaside / beachfront villas on the Algarve in Portugal face a double threat;

1) A Mega Tsunami from the expected La Palma massive land slip, and
2) The Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law (no. 54/2005) of 2005, (ratified in 2014).

Vale do Lobo was last destroyed by a tsunami in 1755, but the La Palma event, which will happen, will make that tidal wave look like a splash in the ocean!

Also, the Portuguese Government is ordering that many Vale do Lobo villas be demolished for being too close to the Mediterranean / Atlantic coastline. If you are going to stay in a villa in Vale do Lobo, make sure that your deposit is protected. If you are thinking of buying a beachfront Vale do Lobo villa, make sure you get a certificate from the local camara planning office stating that there is no demolition threat under law 54/2005 to the villa you want to buy.

For full details, see the main page; Portugal Beachfront Property Warning

Vale do Lobo is a golfing villa resort located in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal. The resort and local seafront villas have two golf courses, the Royal and the Ocean.

Vale do Lobo villas, Algarve Portugal

Quinta do Lago seaside villas face demolition / tsunami

Algarve Portugal: Quinta do Lago's seaside villas face demolition under the Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law (no. 54/2005) of 2005, (ratified in 2014).

Quinta do Lago villas for sale should now only be bought / sold with a certificate from the local camara building regulations office testifying that there is no potential demolition order for Quinta do Lago beachfront villas.

Quinta do Lago Tsunami Risk

You should be aware that Quinta do Lago and all of the Algarve in Portugal was destroyed in the earthquake and tsunami of 1755, and that there is heightened risk of a mega-tsunami (much greater than in 1755) due to the massive potential land slide in La Palma.

For full details, see the main page; Portugal Beachfront Property Warning

Quinta do Lago is a golf resort and residential villa estate located to the west of Faro Airport in the Algarve; playing golf at Quinta do Lago affords superb views of incoming tsunamis.
Quinta do Lago villas, Algarve Portugal

Silver Coast Villas on Atlantic Ocean at risk

The Silver Coast (Costa de Prata) may look appealing, but there are two very nasty potential surprises for anyone thinking of buying or renting villas overlooking the Portuguese Atlantic Ocean;

a) the Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law (no. 54/2005) of 2005 (ratified in 2014) which mandates the destruction of Silver Coast seaside / oceanfront villas too close to the waterline (don't listen to the real estate sales people, get a certificate from the local camara / land office).

b) the impending La Palma Mega Tsunami, as a large section of the island has slipped and threatens to crash into the sea making the 1755 Portuguese earthquake tsunami look like a drop in the Atlantic Ocean.

For full details, see: Portugal Beachfront Property Warning

Silver Coast / Costa de Prata towns / villages / villa real estate / property areas potentially affected are Foz do Arelho beach, Obidos Laguna, Sao Martinho do Porto, Peniche, Baleal beach, Caldas da Rainha, Berlenga Island, Cabo Carvoeiro, Praia da Consolacao, Peniche, Santa Cruz, Torres Vedras, Praia D'El Rey, Praia da Areia Branca, Lorinha, Ferrel, Salir do Porto, Nazare and Areia Branca.

It makes sense when you look at the fact the Portuguese themselves have refrained from building villages and towns on the Silver Coast; Fatima, Sintra, Ourem, Mafra, Leiria, Alcobaça and Batalha all being inland. The reasons for this are the 1755 tsunami and the very strong Atlantic storm winds and rain that often pound the Costa de Prata from autumn through winter into spring. These storms may not always even reach the Silver Coast but their waves do, hence the reason it is a surfer's paradise. But Atlantic weather systems and large waves meant the Portuguese built their properties well away from the coast, with good reason.

Foz do Arelho has many ocean view villas and is one of the twelve parishes in the municipality of Caldas da Rainha, Portugal; it is 8 km west of Caldas da Rainha.

Óbidos (Lation: Oppidum meaning "citadel") is a town with a few Atlantic view villas in the Oeste Subregion of Portugal. The Obidos mouth lagoon / laguna has several villas at threat from law no. 54/2005.

São Martinho do Porto is a  parish in Alcobaça Municipality, in the Oeste Subregion of Portugal. The beachfront area has several villas at risk from the Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law.

Baleal Beach is on a small island located 4 kilometres north of Peniche, in the western region of Portugal. It is a favourite with surfers and Atlantic Ocean View Villa developers alike. But one day Baleal Beach will get a much larger series of waves then surfers want, and many villas are at risk under Portuguese lei no. 54/2005

Caldas da Rainha
(administrative centre of Comunidade Intermunicipal do Oeste) is a medium-sized city in western central Portugal (district of Leiria, Estremadura). Tsunami fears have kept villa prices down, but several have been built that may well fall foul of the Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law.

Peniche (including Ferrel) is a seaside villa area / municipality and city in the Portuguese Oeste Subregion (formerly Estremadura Province). Many ocean view villas here are at risk of course from large waves including tsunamis and the waterfront reclamation law.

Berlenga Island (Berlenga Grande / Berlengas archipelago) is part of the Reserva Natural das Berlengas, a protected area and where any sea view villas are at extreme risk of demolition for being too close to the ocean and / or being built on protected land.

Cabo Carvoeiro is the westernmost point of the Peniche peninsula, on the Atlantic ocean coast, in the Peniche municipality of the Portuguese Oeste Subregion. It overlooks the Berlengas islands and has several Atlantic view villas.

Consolacao Beach (Praia da Consolação)
is a favourite with windsurfers and many villa property developers and is in the parish of Peniche.

Santa Cruz, not the Santa Cruz on Madeira but the so called queen of "Oeste" beaches is home to many beachfront properties which may have fallen foul of Portuguese law 54/2005.

Torres Vedras Beach is in Torres Vedras municipality in the Portuguese district of Lisbon. Torres Vedras Beach was destroyed by the Lisbon tsunami of 1775 and has several ocean view villas at risk.

Praia D'El Rey Golf & Beach Resort Villas may have glossy brochures promising all is well, but it is advisable to avoid the sales people and look at what is happening behind the scenes.

Praia da Areia Branca / Lourinhã is a favourite with villa builders but make extra sure yours does not contravene the Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law, and that you have a tsunami warning system to give you enough time to reach higher ground.

Salir do Porto / Rio Tornada has several lagoon view villas.

Nazaré is the Leiria District of subregion Oeste and Leiria has probably some of the most nervous villa owners on the Silver Coast / Costa de Prata, Portugal as a result of Portuguese law 54/2005. Many seafront / oceanfront villas are at risk.

Areia Branca Beach (Praia da Areia Branca) Foz do rio Grande na Praia. Where a lot of foreigners have built Oceanside villas at risk under law 54/2005.

For full details, see: Portugal Beachfront Property Warning

The Silver Coast or "Costa de Prata" in Portugal is a villa owner's dream turned possible nightmare!