Vale do Lobo villas tsunami & demolition risks

Vale do Lobo seaside / beachfront villas on the Algarve in Portugal face a double threat;

1) A Mega Tsunami from the expected La Palma massive land slip, and
2) The Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law (no. 54/2005) of 2005, (ratified in 2014).

Vale do Lobo was last destroyed by a tsunami in 1755, but the La Palma event, which will happen, will make that tidal wave look like a splash in the ocean!

Also, the Portuguese Government is ordering that many Vale do Lobo villas be demolished for being too close to the Mediterranean / Atlantic coastline. If you are going to stay in a villa in Vale do Lobo, make sure that your deposit is protected. If you are thinking of buying a beachfront Vale do Lobo villa, make sure you get a certificate from the local camara planning office stating that there is no demolition threat under law 54/2005 to the villa you want to buy.

For full details, see the main page; Portugal Beachfront Property Warning

Vale do Lobo is a golfing villa resort located in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal. The resort and local seafront villas have two golf courses, the Royal and the Ocean.

Vale do Lobo villas, Algarve Portugal