Armacão de Pêra Oceanfront Villas Nightmares

Atlantic oceanfront villas in popular Portuguese Algarve resort Armacão de Pêra face demolition or obliteration from two very different threats.

The threat of demolishing Armacão de Pêra seaside villas comes from the Portuguese Government's law 54/2005 (the Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law) where many beachfront villas in Portugal are to be demolished.

The threat of demolishing Armacão de Pêra oceanfront villas comes from the La Palma Mega-Tsunami risk (a case of when, rather than if it will happen); the last tsunami in 1755 demolished Armacão de Pêra, a Mega-tsunami would obliterate Armacão de Pêra.

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Portugal Beachfront Property Warning

Armação de Pêra is a Portuguese parish rich in oceanview holiday villas in the municipality of Silves on the Atlantic Ocean in the Algarve

Armacão de Pêra villas, Algarve Portugal