Loulé seaside villas in the Algarve at extreme risk!

Loulé seaside villas on the Algarve in Portugal face two extreme threats.

The first threat for these idyllic beachfront holiday homes is demolition under the Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law, where Algarve's seaside villas are threatened with demolition. If you are going to rent one, make sure that your deposit is protected. If you are going to buy a seaside villa in Loulé, make 100% sure that the property is not threatened by law no. 54/2005 (get your lawyer to get a certificate from the local planning office to this effect).

The second risk is from a very, very large tsunami emanating from La Palma; part of the island is slipping off the rest and when (not if) it crashes into the Atlantic, it will produce waves that will make the 1755 Algarve tsunami (when Loulé was destroyed) look like ripples in a villa swimming pool.

For more information, visit our main page: Portugal Beachfront Property Warning

Loulé is a tourist area city and a municipality in the Faro District of the Algarve in Portugal.

Loulé villas, Algarve Portugal