Praia da Luz Villas For Sale and At Risk

Algarve's Praia da Luz villas are popular with expats, but be warned, this Portuguese seaside town has some very big problems right now, and nothing to do with Madeleine McCann (though people may find it hard to forget the crime risk and apparent lack of professionalism by the local GNR).

The first problem for Praia da Luz's seafront villas is the new law, law no. 54/2005, ratified in 2014, which seeks to seize and demolish villas too close to the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

The second issue looming for Praia da Luz's property market is the heightened tsunami risk, actually Mega tsunami risk from a massive impending land slide offshore on La Palma. Historian will recall the whole of the Algarve including Praia da Luz was totally obliterated by a tsunami in 1755, and that tsunami will look like a splash in the Atlantic Ocean with the one that is predicted.

For full details, see: Portugal Beachfront Property Warning

Praia da Luz, or just "Luz", is a beachfront civil parish located about 10 minutes drive from Lagos.

Praia da Luz villas, Algarve Portugal