Carvoeiro Beachfront Algarve Portugal Villas At Risk

Praia de Carvoeiro beachfront villas on the Algarve in Portugal are at serious risk of demolition for non-compliance with law no. 54/2005, and from Mega tsunami risk from the impending La Palma land slide into the Atlantic Ocean.

Recently, Carvoeiro's seaside villas have been targeted for demolition under the Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law, while news that a massive area of La Palma has slipped and is at risk of crashing into the ocean generating the largest tsunami is recorded history has made Carvoeiro villas less desirable than normal. You may well find many Carvoeiro villas for sale right now and you should take extreme caution before signing any contract / parting with any money.

Carvoeiro, (Praia de Carvoeiro), is a town and a former civil parish (now Lagoa e Carvoeiro) in the municipality of Lagoa, Algarve, Portugal.

Portugal Beachfront Property Warning

Carvoeiro villas, Algarve Portugal