Seaside Vilamoura villas face demolition and tsunamis

Seaside villas in Vilamoura may look like idyllic beachfront Portuguese villas, but there are major Mediterranean / Atlantic waterfront property risks of two very different kinds right now.

First comes the Portuguese Water Resources Ownership law ratified in 2014 that seeks to demolish villas built too close to the sea / beach.

Second is the La Palma Mega Tsunami event risk, as a large slab of La Palma for now slowly slips in to the Atlantic but is certain to one crash into the sea initiating the greatest tsunami in recorded history.

If you are thinking of renting a Vilamoura seaside villa, make sure your deposit is protected.

If you are thinking of buying a Vilamoura beachfront villa, make sure you get a certificate from the local camara (council) stating that the villa is not at demolition risk under law no. 54/2005.

If you are staying at a Vilamoura seafront villa, make sure you have a tsunami warning application on your smartphone or tablet and that you know where there is very high ground that you can safely get to before the waves hit.

For full info, please see: Portugal Beachfront Property Warning

Vilamoura is a tourist villa sprawl of an area on the southern Atlantic coast of Portugal, comprising one of the largest single tourist complexes in Western Europe.

Vilamoura villas, Algarve Portugal